The rules of the game of poker were introduced by Virginia Senators

In Virginia, gambling is not available. There is no casino or poker room to be found. The state does offer lottery games and has provided horse racing in the past, but there is no longer an open racing facility in the state. So, it was surprising to find that a state senator had now introduced a law on poker gaming. Last week, Senator Louise Lucas introduced a law known as the S 1400 in an attempt to clearly define what is legal when considering gambling in the state.

The new game bill will govern the poker game visit the SBCPOKER, determining the game requires skill and not a game of chance. If poker were to be classified as a game of skill, it wouldn’t be illegal in Virginia. The bill also includes provisions that will look into poker tournament rules. However, these tournaments will only be allowed as long as they comply with the rules and regulations set by Lucas. The State Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services will be the group that oversees the organization of the tournament poker game.

Lucas has tried several times in the past to see gambling laws passed in his state, but with no success. Reportedly, as many as ten bills had been introduced by senators only to fail to move forward. This time, Lucas seems to be taking a lighthearted approach, only opening the door to discussing the game and how it is perceived by state law. This could be a step in the right direction to see poker becoming a reality in the state.












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