The California and Nevada gaming industries make their sales master plans

Poker earnings at the Hollywood Park Casino, which is located in Inglewood, California near the Westside of Los Angeles, increased.

While the media is focused on the $ 2.6 billion stadium being created for the two NFL franchises (the Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers) for the side of Project Revitalization City of Champions, there’s a new game in town that can really be a game-changer for gambling. on the Westside of Los Angeles.

Silicon Beach is the name for Westside of Los Angeles which is said to be home to more than 500 technology startup companies. From Google to Snap Inc., the company behind the mobile chat app Snapchat, major technology companies have offices or head offices in the area, visit poker88.

This space includes the cities of Culver City, Playa Vista, Marina Del Rey, Venice Beach, and Santa Monica – all just moments from Hollywood Park Casino. Billions of venture capital are paying for the tech boom, and it looks like the money will still flow with the Snap Inc. IPO. scheduled for Thursday, March 2.

With a company looking to set its first public offering price to come between $ 14 and $ 16 per share, Snap could have a market value of over $ 22 billion. Companies can raise nearly $ 3.7 billion, according to one article on CNN Money.

This cash channel could replace this area and could have a huge effect on the gaming world from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. The California and Nevada gaming industries and their sales moves are likely to look different in the near future as eSports and internet gaming are being scaled up in Silicon Beach. California’s gaming law needs to keep new gaming opportunities on the horizon.

Nevada is already working hard on new gaming provisions to allow a new generation of gamers to play and bet legally on the game of their choice. And there’s plenty of support for bringing your gambling age down to 18 in Nevada.

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