Smola Utilities page

All programs listed here are FREEWARE written by Ante Smolcic. Author takes no responsibility for the possible damage caused by this programs. You are encouraged to mail for help, explanation or other.

Last update: May 2004.


SLACK 4.1 (13 kB) - SLACK calculates the wasted space on your disk due to the FAT/VFAT file system limitations. The accuratest so far! Aware of the long filenames! For DOS and Win 95. Recognizes Win95 long file names under plain DOS! Does not support FAT32. Check it out if you use big partitions.

HS 2.1 (8 kB) - HRVATSKA SLOVA: Prvi hrvatski FREEWARE program za prikaz naših slova na ekran uz predefiniciju tipkovnice. Radi pod DOS-om kao TSR program (2KB) Podržava Latin II, CROSCII, Win1250, ISO 8859-2 i D-standard. Dosad najbolji program ovakve vrste!

SMUTILS 2.0 (48 kB) - This is a collection of small DOS utililties that I use from time to time. You should get it if you like such little programs that occasionally you get to need.

  • 1. Binary filesplitter (combine just with COPY)
  • 2. Program that copies files given in a list
  • 3. Keyboard scan codes finder
  • 4. File truncate program
  • 5. Fast string replacing utility (new version in 2.0)
  • 6. Utillilty that reduces files to size 0 (can work on whole directory)
  • 7. Encrypting/Decrypting Program
  • 8. Utility that cuts the beggining of a file until the given string is encountered
  • 9. Utility that shows different HD partition serial number.
  • 10. Copy program that copies files from damaged disks replacing bad sectors with empty ones. Useful if your diks is damaged and you dont' wanna fiddle with disk editors or rescue utilities. (this is new in 2.0)


    HTML Album (80 kB) - This program helps you create picture albums by browsing through a directory tree, making thumbnails and creating html pages based on your template HTML files. Very easy to use!

    HS 3.0 za Windowse (80 kB) - HRVATSKA SLOVA: Prvi hrvatski FREEWARE program za premapiranje tipkovnice prema onim HR standardima kojih nema u Windowsima.

    NOLOCK (113 kB) lets you disable/enable the LOCK feature of Windows 95. It is useful if you don't want to expirience that annoying LOCK massage in DOS 7.0+ when yo use some "dirty" programs that directly acces disk: "Windows 95 has disabled ...". Disabling this feature does not affect compatibility of Windows 95. It just takes away some DOS 7.0 security measures. Anyway, you can enable it again if you feel uncomfortable with this.

    ALARM 2.2 (128 kB) - Alarm 2.2 works under Windows 95/98/NT40. It is active as the SystemTray Icon and at the given time plays the file "ALARM.WAV" and shows you a message. Useful if you are not aware of the time when working/playing.

    SLACK 5.0 beta (132 kB) - SLACK calculates the wasted space on your disk due to the NTFS/FAT/VFAT file system limitations. This version works under Windows95 and WindowsNT and therefore can show the situation on a NTFS drive but I am not sure if the numbers are OK. Does not detect FAT32 correctly but you can use it on a FAT32 partition if you supply the right cluster size.

    REBOOT 3.0 (146 kB) - If you use DOS Startup Menu in your CONFIG.SYS, check this this out! Reboot is a program that allows you to restart Windows in three ways, reboot the computer or eventually to reboot with automatically selecting one of the existing Startup options in your CONFIG.SYS. Now you can click and go to the bathroom, and when you're back everything's already done. Works with Windows 3.x (DOS 6.0 and up) and 95.

    Focus Window 2.0 (170 kB) - Focus Window gives you the access to all opened windows from all opened programs (main windows, dialog boxes, message boxes etc.) through his icon in the system tray. This way you can easely get to the windows in the back that don't appear on the taskbar (help windows, control panel applets, printer dialogs...).

    Piramide v1.0 (162 kB) - a program for making paper piramides. You just define two dimensions (or one if you want to stick with the Keops's propportions) and the other are calculated. Then, a grid scheme is drawn on the bitmap that you can save, print and cut out and make your little piramide. There is also a 3D preview!

    HR Mijenjač v1.0 (148 kB) - Konvertira sve datoteke u odabranom direktoriju i niže iz jedne kodne stranice u drugu. Podržava sve hrvatske standarde, a moguća je i automatska detekcija standarda.

    Replacer (281 kB) - This program searches and replaces character strings in the given files. It is integrated in Windows shell. You can add more than one file and more than one replacing pattern. This way you can create simple templates for replacing a character table (e.g. language code pages), patches etc.

    Crypt (221 kB) - Small simple encrypt/decrypt utility. Useful if you want to encrypt your files with something else than a usual archivers' encryption. There is no error checking or extra headers in the file. Encryption is reversable so you need to remember the password.


    DBCPKonverter (300 kB) - Konverter svih polja tipa STRING ili MEMO u Paradox i dBase bazama iz svih u sve hrvatske kodne stranice. Dobra stvar ako zelite prebaciti stare baze iz Clippera i CROSCII-ja u Windowse i CP1250.

    DBF2PAR (300 kB) - Converts dBase DBF files into Paradox DB files using Batchmove method. Multiple conversions allowed.

    dotNET Versions (200 kB) - Lists the .NET versinos installed on your system. (Fixed)