Ugly Pong - the game that gets people together


This is my version of the popular PONG game. You can move in every direction you wish. There can be up to 4 players! You must get at least 24 points with 2 points of advantage to win. You can pick up various powerups and use them. You can touch the ball more than once.

Min. requirements:
VGA card
286 (486 reccomended)
200 KB of conventional memory
DOS 5.0+

Shrinker (yellow one) - shrinks you to the half of the normal size
BigFoot (looks like a present) - enlarges you to double sized monster
Turbo (blue bottle) - you can run a bit faster
Noclip (red shaddow box) - lets you go to the other side...

Every powerup lasts for about 20 seconds. When it appears, it stays for about 3 secs on the screen.

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