The Picture of CyberDemon's ass


Hope you love to play those megadestruction - howmanyarethey? levels, because here you can find some.

Hide in one of 4 toilletes or DIE! (43KB) - Small level but very dangerous. Not many secrets. You'll need about an hour to finish it. A lot of health so it's no trouble if you get hit. Pretty much ammo to waste. Have Fun!

Pent-A-Gon (68KB) - Very large level with many, many, many monsters, and little health. Divided in five different parts. Every part is connected somehow to other parts so you're not safe even if you clear one. There are a few big secrets that could save you an hour of playing - I've finished it in three hours. Save often.

GAMES (80 KB) - Three levels which I cosider as something different. In all three levels you have some rules (forced by the level design) that you must follow to get to the end. The rules are like in a game so this WAD is entitled Games. I consider this WAD my best so far.

DALMACIJA (290 KB) - Dalmacija is a sound PWAD with text spoken in Croatian. Pa prema tome da nastavin na hrvatskom. WAD se zove DALMACIJA jer san ja iz Splita pa svi povici i rečenice u afektu odišu Splitskim duhom. Jednostavno rečeno, ovo MORATE čut (pogotovo ako ste iz Splita). Navedimo nekoliko zanimljivosti koje vam beštije u DOOM-u mogu dobacit: "Alo momak, imaš dvi kune?", "Ajme meni majko moja!" ili jedna od najstandardnijih - "Daj brale". Volia bi čut šta ljudi misle o ovome pa se slobodno javite na moj mail...


WAD manipulation Delphi class (5kb) - TWAD class written for Delphi that mapps the data model in WAD files to pascal object model. I think it's a good start for everyone developing WAD applications in pascal. If you modify this, please send me the modifications. It's free. Contact me for any info or problems.
DOOM Level Manager 3.6 beta (1000 kB) - A Windows 95/NT shell for playing DOOM, DOOM2 and HERETIC levels.
  • simple WARPing and skill selection
  • support for BAT/WAD/DEH/LMP
  • transparent working with ZIP files (ZIP manager build in)
  • Drag-n-drop
  • supports for all new DOOM ports and all parameters any DOOM ever had!
  • automatic detection and processing of DEUTEX/DEUSF usage for old DOOM.
    DOOM Screen Saver v1.0 - a screen saver base on the PRBOOM 2.2 port that plays a list of the given demos.
    Minesweeper 2000 - a version of the popular game with built in DOOM skin, sounds (!) and a possibility to load WADs(!!!)
    Zero vertical mouse sensitivity - This utility should set vertical mouse sensitivity in DOS (or in a DOS window) to zero so you can play DOOM like that.


    Here are some basic Doom links to start with.

    My friend's WADs - They are all very hard and basically look like a city or whatever.
    Doomworld - here you can find everything you need for your DOOM - Official DOOM archive
    Doom Legacy and ZDoom skins
    New Doom site - many things...
    TeamTNT Home Page - TeamTNT has developed their port BOOM. They also made levels for the Final DOOM and projects such as Icarus, Eternal etc.
    Compet-N site - Amazing demos from Doomers from all over the world.