It may take a while to identify a deceptive player

It may take a while to identify a cheating player – He is often a bluff or semi-bluff. And he may play slow or check raise when he has a strong hand and wants to build up the pot size. In order to determine his image properly, be sure to observe the cards he shows in battle.

How about your own picture? So far we’ve covered the best way to play your hand based on your perception of your opponent’s image. But, just as you develop the image of each opponent, they also have an image of you based on how you play your hand. It can keep you from getting good actions when you have strong hands; so you can’t make a big pot. Winning one large pot is equivalent to taking three or more smaller pots.

In this case, you need to fight the picture. Playing loose or aggressively so often, especially on hands where there are few stakes and raises. Bluff a little more often; And don’t worry if you get caught every now and then. Let your opponents see it. It serves to change your image so you can build bigger pots when you have the stuff. And that’s your main goal when playing hold’em.

Next week, I’m going to discuss how some of these electronic table games can give players dozens of blackjack hands without burning shoes with just a few hands. This is a new approach where you are literally playing one on one against the dealer and are completely unaffected by what the other players are doing.

Mathematically, it doesn’t matter anyway. I know it’s frustrating when the guy on third base slips 14 on the dealer’s bust, but this really doesn’t affect how you’re going to do it in the long run. With electronic table games, this psychological impact has been eliminated in some versions of the game.

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