High frequency slots are better for low budget players

The hit frequency in slots is much different from many other casino genres and arguably lower than most of them. Video poker is the genre closest to slots when it comes to gaming and anyone who has played any of them can claim that it offers slightly more winnings than the average slot title.

Indeed, the most common winning hands in video poker only return your money, however, slots have the ability to return less money than you put in. Other games such as blackjack and roulette are more difficult to compare, as there are other factors in the game, such as experience, decision making, and some betting options visit poker88. When you take that into account, the odds change on a case-by-case basis and things get more complicated.

That will depend more on your bankroll and stake than anything else. Playing low frequency slots is more suitable for higher budget gamblers as there may be a longer period of time between winning spins. Likewise, high frequency slots are better for low budget players because they offer smaller prizes more often and will allow them to keep on spinning for longer.

Of course, that advice can be made if you want to optimize your gameplay to be as efficient as possible. If you find yourself enjoying the game, you should stick with it, regardless of the frequency of hits. Unless you’re playing just for money, your enjoyment of a title comes first.

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