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Here you can find some of our lyrics. Below every song there is a brief description of what's the song about. We apologize because of the very poor english but the writers don't speak english very well. Anyway, when the song's written - it's written.

Warning: This lyrics are full of bad language so take care of your children!!!

Really Morbid Perversion - sadomasochistic tortures
Sinful Convent - sex between nuns and priests in the church
Desecration Of Maternity - incest story
Around Me - anger and suicide
Burning The Virginity - spiritual jurney :)

Really Morbid Perversion

She Is In The Cage
He's Tied With Skin Strapes
They Will Be Sexually Deformed
Because Of Sadomasochistic Sick

Painful Greed
Scream Of Sex Slaves
Deadly Perverse Games
Allís Permitted

Here's No Tenderness
Here Is Only Pain
Whistle Of The Scourge In The Air
Scream Of The Victims Of Unchastity

Countess Bathory
Is A Typical Example
Bathing In Virginity Blood
Dissection Of The Young Female Bodies

Morbid Imagination
Transforming In Reality
No Sin Here
Orgasm Or Death

Sinful Convent

Sinful Convent!!! (Scream)

Long Looks
On Blessed Bodies
Lust For Masturbation
Terribly Gush Forth

Big Temptation
Is Hard To Control
Satanís Presence
Victory Of Sin

Unholy Temptation
Erection Of A Priest
Sinful Convent
Groupís Unchastity

Wish For Pleasure
Spirit Is Overwhelmed
Because Of The Corporal Weakness
Prevail Sexual Sickness

Wild Dick Of Priest
Desecration Of Nunís Virginity
Bloody Urged Clitoris
Brings To The Unholy Orgasm

Unholy Temptation
Erection Of A Priest
Sinful Convent
Group's Unchastity

Fuck Me!!!
Suck My Holy Tits
In My Hungry Pussy
I Want Your Sinful Dick

Desecration Of Maternity

Creaking Of The Bed
Forms Disgusting Incident
Storms Of Lust In Sick Minds
In This Act Mother Wants Pleasure To Find

Moist Tongue
Suck Sweaty Tits
Silent Weeping
Again Together

In Human Images
In Motherís Head
In Human Actions
In Motherís Bed

Hot Smell Of Pussy
Daze The Boy
Motherís Look
Brings Him To Sin

Facing The Truth
Remorse For Her Acts
But Neverending Lust
Stays In Her Mind

I Love You Mother
And I Know That You Love Me
I Am Your Slave
And So Must Be

Around Me

My History I Can't Remember
I Must Start New Life
My Childhood Will Be Secret Forever
I Will Try To Survive

I Feel Something Strange
My Parents Are Gone
I Think Only On Revenge
They Left Me Stay Alone

When I Walk In The Street
People Turn Around Me
Steps Behind My Feet
Everyone Wants To See

Around Me, There Is A Madness
Everything In World Turns Against Me

I'll Put In My Mouth The Gas
Slowly My Brain Falls In Death
In My Head Is Only Mass
"Fire", Will Be The Last Word Said

Burning The Virginity

Deafened Light Of The Torch
Lights A Helpless Body
It Is Bounded And It's Laying
On The Altar Of Almighty

Some People
Enfolded By Dark
Singing Mystery Songs
Waiting The Sign Of The Bell

Strange Presence Streams Through Air
Sin Leads The Sense In These Confused Brains
The Power Of Evil
Suffocates Morality And Mercy

The Naked Man Begins The Ceremony
With His Own Masturbation
He Wastes The Seed On The Pure Body
And This Is The Begin Of The Desecration

In The Name Of Sin
A Big Priest
With A Visible Erection
Brakes An Innocent Vagina

The Sinful Night Is Ending
With A Delight Of All Present
On Young Girl's Body

The Sin Is Infinity!
"Burning The Virginity!"